Capitol Hill Historical Society - Historic Preservation Policy

I. Advocacy for Preservation A. Purpose This document establishes what the Capitol Hill Historical Society (CHHS) should advocate for, and what the standards and guidelines for that advocacy should be. This document adopts many existing municipal and national standards and guidelines and modifies them to address our unique needs and interests. B. Introduction Capitol Hill has a plethora of historic assets, from Auto Row to Millionaire’s Row and everything in between. These assets embody the unique historic character of the neighborhood and are a source of pride among the community. However, due to recent development pressure and at times lackluster advocacy, this character is rapidly deterio

Seattle 1894 Story Map: A GIS Project

YouTube: A video tour of Seattle in 1894 (with buildings) Courtesy Lorn Fant. At CHHS, we love seeing new faces and hearing their origin stories and special interests. We're all in this together! At society meetings, people may bring in special artifacts or updates on relevant projects they've completed or worked on (sometimes for the CHHS group or as passion projects or work assignments), a bit of show-and-tell is part of the fun of attending society meetings. In September, a new attendee Lorn Fant brought in a topographical map of Seattle from 1894 to help illustrate a fantastically intricate project he created on ARCGIS including interactive maps, historic views, and location mapping tech

September Meeting Summary

Seattle’s City Council in Volunteer Park meeting with City Engineer R.H. Thomson (May 1990 source: Seattle Municipal Archives) After a short break these summer months, we've reduced the number of meetings we're holding as a group, but we've been hard at work formalizing our status as a non-profit, doing more research and social engagement through our media channels. There are lots of things abound for the CHHS this season, we're excited to share updates and drill into the fall with renewed energy and commitment to preserving and sharing the legacy of Capitol Hill. Continue to see what we've accomplished and where we're headed in the coming months. Introductions We've a new face at CHHS. Step

Landmarks Profile: Colman Automotive

The Colman Automotive Building entered the National Parks Service's National Register of Historic Places very recently -- in 2013. It is not currently a City of Seattle Landmark, but the national listing is good enough for it to make our Landmarks Profile roundup. The two story commercial building's exterior was lovingly restored by Hunters Capitol in 2012. They took a useful building that was well-known for its first floor tenant Area 51 and turned it into an Auto Row gem that ushers folks up Pine Street and into the neighborhood. The nomination report prepared by Architect Stephen Day for the National register application is really a great read and is lush with photographs, blueprints and

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