May Meeting Summary

It was a rather eventful meeting this month, but not in all the ways you might expect. Although at least it began as expected with the meet and greet at 5pm. One resident of the neighborhood by the name of Ron brought in this fantastic book called "Homes and Gardens of the Pacific Coast, 1913" and generously shared its contents with us. It features exterior and interior photographs of a selection of homes all around Seattle, including Capitol Hill, followed by a brief description. Take for instance the home of Seattle's one time kingpin impresario John Considine who's other claim to fame was a gun battle with Seattle's chief of police. Considine not only survived, but he was acquitted o

This Month In History: The Battle for Broadway High School in 1946.

The center portion of this building probably looks a little familiar to you. That's because an altered version of it using the original stone around a different interior remains today as the Broadway Performance Hall at the south end of Seattle Central College. In its original form as pictured above though, it was Broadway High School founded in 1902. And when the class of '46 graduated on June 13, 1946 it was on a somber note for many because it would ultimately be the last senior class the school would ever see. After 44 years, the Seattle School Board announced, just three weeks before the ceremony, that they wanted to close the high school and convert it into an all-veterans training

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