This Month In History: Freeway Construction Shutters Denny Way Access to Capitol Hill.

Temporary wooden bridge extending from Olive Place to Yale Ave. Circa 1962, looking west Image: Washington State Archives For those of you, whether on foot or on wheels, gnashing your teeth over how frustrating it has been this summer to traverse the construction-ridden Denny way corridor as thousands more flood the area each month, here's a look back to a summer that was just as bad or worse. It was the summer of 1962 and Seattle was mid way through its Century 21 World's Fair. Millions of visitors had passed through the city and millions more were yet to come and as if that didn't make getting around hard enough, I-5 construction was occurring simultaneously. On July 3rd 1962 this constr

June Meeting Summary

Lincoln Reservoir as viewed from the since demolished Marianne Manor on Nagle Place. Circa late 1990s. Courtesy Clare Livingston. Note well the geyser of water to the left of the pine tree. For those of you who moved to Seattle after 2005, this is a rare view of the open-air Lincoln Reservoir in its twilight years before it became Cal Anderson Park in 2005. One of our meeting attendees, Clare Livingston shot this photograph from Marianne Manor when she lived there in the 1990s. Marianne Manor was demolished in 2009 to make way for the light rail. At the meeting proper, Rob recapped our progress on our landmarks project for the new attendees. While we covered most of this in our May me

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