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CHHS President Tom Heuser to resign by end of 2021

From CHHS President Tom Heuser:

It is with both a sense of excitement and somberness that I announce my coming resignation as President of Capitol Hill Historical Society. This was a difficult decision to make knowing the great responsibilities and risks that lie ahead, both for myself and CHHS, but I believe it is ultimately the right decision to make.

Over the past two years, I have been working hard to pursue a career as a historian. I have been slowly taking on more work in this field and have reached a point where my career and CHHS can no longer grow so long as I continue attempting to pursue them both. As a result, I will no longer have the time to manage CHHS as President of the board after 2021.

It has been an honor and a privilege to take on this life-changing experience and oversee this organization’s growth and success over the years. All the more so with your support without which none of it would have been possible. As donors, members, volunteers, board members, and friends, you are all essential to CHHS and I thank you.

In the immediate term, CHHS Co-founder and Vice-president Rob Ketcherside will assume the role as president. Under his leadership, CHHS will continue to consolidate its activities and recruit the next generation of board members and volunteers who will drive the organization’s growth over the next five years.

While I will be available to assist the board during this transition, I also ask members of our community to consider assisting either as general volunteers or as board members. CHHS will need help with shipping books during the holidays and social media and will need to fill the board positions of vice-president and treasurer. To inquire further, please send an email to Thank you once again for all your support.


Tom Heuser

President, Capitol Hill Historical Society

For those who wish to continue following my history work hereafter, please email me at to receive updates or follow me on instagram @recapseattle


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