September Meeting Summary

Seattle’s City Council in Volunteer Park meeting with City Engineer R.H. Thomson (May 1990 source: Seattle Municipal Archives)

After a short break these summer months, we've reduced the number of meetings we're holding as a group, but we've been hard at work formalizing our status as a non-profit, doing more research and social engagement through our media channels. There are lots of things abound for the CHHS this season, we're excited to share updates and drill into the fall with renewed energy and commitment to preserving and sharing the legacy of Capitol Hill. Continue to see what we've accomplished and where we're headed in the coming months.


We've a new face at CHHS. Stephanie in Seattle for just three weeks and already involved in the local historical Society. Stephanie hails from Florida where she did work for the local historical preservation society, she was on National Trust for Historic Preservation, "I just googled you guys, and thought I’d check it out." Welcome, Stephanie!


Rob & Kristi are almost done researching & fact checking the first ten landmarks. Next steps is to get an estimate for the plaques, and approach the property owners to see if they’re amenable, interested in getting plaques for their locations. Rob is writing a long form piece for Colman Automotive it will be ready for our next newsletter for the October 3rd publication. We never heard anything back about getting a plaque at the Republican Stairs.


  • plaque estimates are coming in, we're awaiting one more business regarding cost + installation

  • an anonymous member has donated $40 to pay for the scanning of historical photographs of all ten properties

  • the same member has pledged to sponsor one of the plaques + installation ($500 donation)

Social Media

Raine says, public engagement numbers go up when we ask people their opinions,