Historical Society Doings for the First Half of 2020

Updated: Apr 12

Image by Lana Blinderman Summary of topics

1. Capitol Hill Modern Progress Report | 2. Upcoming Events | 3. Social Media Recap | 4. Capitol Hill and the 1918 Flu Pandemic | 5. Recent Publications From Our Friends and Neighbors

Capitol Hill Modern Progress Report

Headed by CHHS president Tom Heuser and CHHS member Lana Blinderman, our 4Culture-funded historical survey of Mid-Century Modern Multifamily Buildings in Capitol Hill is moving forward! So far 157 buildings have been logged into the state's Wisaard database.

You can learn more about their progress including a closer look at some of their favorite buildings so far, a description of their methodology, a look at the Wisaard database, and the full list of buildings all in this separate blog post.

Also Capitol Hill Seattle Blog recently featured our project. Check it out!

Upcoming Events

Good news! Both of our events for this year have been converted into online events with help from our friends at University Press and Historic Seattle.