February 23 Annual Meeting

February 23 Meeting Summary

Seventeen people attended the Feb 23 meeting at the Capitol Hill library branch. 2019 is off to a great start, with a one 4-Culture grant in hand and another requested.

Budget Review

Grace Harvey organized the proposed budget into a standardized form. Revenue sources include writing for the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. Caitlin offered to help with writing/editing. The proposed budget was approved unanimously.

4Culture Contract (scope of services)

CHHS has been awarded a 4-Culture sustaining grant of $1000 for 2019. Funds will be paid at year end for work done during this year.

  • Tours: The 4Culture application stated that CHHS plans to arrange some tours. Some meetings will be hosted in historic homes. A tour of the area around 953 East Union is planned for May or June. We hope to work with Atlas Obscura to reach a larger tour audience. It may be possible to work with the Seatle Architecture Foundation and/or Historic Seattle.

  • Advocacy: 4Culture considers advocacy work to be important. Tom reviewed the Conover House project. This property has been purchased for redevelopment. CHHS is working on landmark status. Susan Beardsley reported that the research has been compllted on the Fairfax building. They are