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Welcome to the NEW
Memories of Capitol Hill!

We are now conducting oral history interviews with people who have significant ties to Capitol Hill between 1945 and 2000 either through their own experiences or that of their ancestors.

t’s not just the architecture and big events that makes a neighborhood,

it’s also about the everyday experiences of people who have lived, worked, and attended school here.

Did you live here or have family that did?

Did you work at or own a business that is no longer with us?

Did you see the most amazing show in your life here?

Do you have related photographs to share?

We want to hear/see all about it!

We are accepting text submissions dating back 10 years or more

and conducting oral history interviews dating between 1945 and 2000

 to inquire further please email

please include the following:

1) Your name.

2) Your association with Capitol Hill and when it occurred.

3) A selfie and/or any related photos in a reasonably high resolution.

4) Your story.

All submissions will be considered,

but generally those which are about 10 years or older are preferred.

those selected will be posted to our social media.

We will also need all who submit to sign a consent form to share their story. 

​Prompts that may help you:

1) What was your earliest memory of Capitol Hill?

2) How is capitol hill distinctive to you?

3) What was your favorite thing to do for fun in the neighborhood?
4) What are specific changes you remember on Capitol Hill?
5) Did any family members live on Capitol Hill?

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